Stump Grinding vs Stump Removal

Trees are beautiful, but if you have a dead or decaying tree on your property, you will need tree stump removal in North Carolina to remove it permanently. Sometimes removal of a tree stump becomes necessary so that you can get a clean surface. For instance, a tree stump takes up significant space in your garden. In such a scenario, you will need to hire experts who will remove the stumps and give you a clean surface so that you can use it in the future to plant trees or put-up installations to enhance the appearance of your garden. Here is all you need to know about stump grinding and removal.

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What is the difference between Stump Grinding and Stump Removal?

The primary difference between stump removal and stump grinding is that you will not have any remnants of the dead or decaying tree in the former. Many homeowners prefer stump removal to stump grinding. Here are some differences between the two processes:

  • Stump grinding occurs in the case of more extensive trees: If you have a massive tree in your garden that has become damaged due to a storm or has suddenly become ill, you must consider removing significant parts of the tree. Completely removing a large tree can prove to be quite expensive and a time-consuming project. In such a scenario, you can opt for stump grinding. Here you must remove the tree’s significant branches; after that, you must reduce the tree’s main trunk to a stump. However, it would help if you had specialized equipment for stump grinding to remove the larger branches and the central part of the tree trunk.
  • Stump grinding will leave the tree roots: When you hire experts who offer stump grinding near Raleigh, NC, they will excavate the stump of the root without removing the roots. You will have the tree’s broad trunk left, which you can keep to a desired height. Sometimes you can do stump grinding to a size of one inch below the soil or even twelve inches below the earth. If you are thinking from an artistic perspective, leave the stump at a certain height above the ground in your garden and build an installation around it. Thus, stump grinding is ideal for more giant trees, where you will have a broader trunk base left even after removing extensive parts of the tree.
  • Stump removal is a comprehensive removal of all parts of the tree: As the name suggests, in case of stump removal, you will not have any part of the tree remaining in your garden. For instance, you have an entirely diseased tree in your garden, which has spread to the tree’s roots. Then, instead of stump grinding, you need to opt for stump removal. Here too, the experts will first remove the branches and the extensive parts of the tree trunk, but finally, they will add chemicals to the soil to facilitate the removal of the roots. In the case of trees, you will find that the roots run pretty deep into the earth. Hence, removing the roots can prove to be quite complex. You cannot simply pull out the roots of a tree from the ground. You will need to add chemicals to loosen the roots and make removing the remnants of the tree easy. Once the chemicals react, heavy force is finally used to pull the stump from the earth.
  • Stump removal is a more permanent solution: Many homeowners prefer stump removal to stump grinding as it is a more permanent solution to tree removal. When you hire experts, you will find they can remove the stumps of dead and decaying trees with minimum effort. Sometimes leaving the stumps of dead and decaying trees can be dangerous as moss and fungus can grow around the stumps. This can lead to several airborne diseases, and hence, it is often advisable to have the entire stump removed.

Thus, first, you should hire experts to identify whether the damaged tree in your garden needs to be removed completely, or you can opt for stump grinding. According to experts offering affordable stump grinding near Clayton, NC, conducting a site visit is essential first to understand the damage’s extent. This is especially important in case of a decayed or damaged tree.

As a homeowner, you will not be able to understand the damage’s extent, and you might feel that stump grinding is enough, but you might need to remove the tree from the roots. Therefore, it is best to consult with experts to understand your options regarding stump grinding versus stump removal.

Is it better to remove or grind a stump?

This is one of the most common questions homeowners have when removing dead and decaying trees. Stump removal and grinding have their respective sets of pros and cons. However, experts prefer stump removal instead of grinding. The primary reason is that you get a free surface when eradicating the tree stump. You can utilize this surface for anything, be it to build an installation such as an extension of your portico or plant a new tree. If the stump remains, you will not have a free surface, and a section of your garden or backyard will remain unutilized. Some of the other reasons why experts prefer stump removal are as follows:

  • According to experts associated with tree stump removal in North Carolina, leaving the stump of a dead or decaying tree behind can become a breeding ground for bugs and insects. In the rainy season, pests like fungus grow from the stumps. This can be dangerous for your family, especially if there are children and older people in your family. You will find that they are often allergic to the spores in fungi. Similarly, fungi growing from the dead tree stumps can damage the other plants in your garden. Dead and decaying tree stumps can harbor other pests like aphids and mealybugs that can prove to be dangerous for the other trees and plants in your garden. Thus, it is always better to remove the stumps altogether.
  • Stump removal is essential to prevent unnecessary accidents. For example, leaving a tree stump about an inch beneath the earth can inadvertently cause people to trip over it. You will find that grass soon begins to grow around the stump, covering it completely. As a result, you cannot distinguish the stump from the rest of the area. So, if you are not careful, you might trip over the stump. Many homeowners who have left tree stumps in their gardens or backyard mention that their children have tripped over these while playing. While mowing your garden it can lead to accidents as well, especially if you forget the location of the stump. Hence, if you want to avoid any such untoward incident, you need to remove the stump of a dead or decaying tree from your garden entirely instead of grinding it down.
  • Another reason to remove the stumps is to prevent the growth of other trees around it. If you leave a tree stump in your garden or backyard for an extended period, you will find that smaller trees begin to grow around it. If you do not take steps to remove the stump, the trees will start growing and removing these, and the stump will become quite expensive. These trees will begin to strip the soil of its natural nutrients and prevent the plants around it from getting the necessary nutrition. Moreover, these trees will be different from the ones that you want to plant and spoil the aesthetics of your garden or backyard. Hence, before it becomes a significant problem and you need to get the necessary permission to strip down the trees, it is best that you opt for stump removal.

As per the experts associated with stump grinding near Raleigh, NC, you should opt for stump grinding only when you want tree removal done quickly. Homeowners often prefer this process because they feel it is more efficient than stump removal. The primary issue with stump removal in the case of the more extensive trees is that it results in a significant upheaval of the earth.

When the stump is removed, a large section of your garden or backyard will get dug up. You will have to smoothen the region again. But when you opt for stump grinding, the earth will not be disturbed as the stump will remain in its place. However, in the long run, you will have to opt for stump removal because the dead tree’s roots will begin to rot and dry. When this begins to happen, you must call the experts to have the stump removed.

What happens if you leave the stump in the ground?

Leaving the stump of a dead or decaying tree in your garden or backyard is not a good idea. One of the reasons is that it becomes the nesting place of pests like rodents and raccoons. For example, if you have ever seen a tree stump in a forest, you will find that squirrels, rats, and even larger animals like foxes dig holes beneath the stumps and make their nests there. In a suburban area, you might not have animals making their homes in tree stumps, but who is to stop animals like rats, snakes, and squirrels from making their nests in the loose earth beneath the tree stumps? Thus, removing the stumps of any dead or decaying tree is best to prevent any unnecessary animal or pest infestation in your garden and backyard.

Another thing that will happen if you leave a tree stump in your garden or backyard is that the roots will eventually begin to decay. The stump will start coming out of the earth as the root decays. If you grind the stump for an inch beneath the earth, you will find that the stump is slowly coming out of the earth. This can also lead to a foul odor because the moss and fungi lodged onto the stump. Not only will this be aesthetically and visually displeasing, but it will also prove to be a health hazard for your family. Hence, removing any dead or decaying tree stump from your property is best.

Why is it important to hire experts for tree stump removal or grinding?

If you have a dangerous, dead, or decaying tree on your property, you must hire experts to do the stump grinding or removal. For instance, there has been a significant storm in your region, and a tree in your backyard has suddenly fallen. You need to call in experts who will come and evaluate the tree’s condition and guide you regarding whether you need stump grinding or removal. When you hire experts, you can be assured of the following:

  • They will come with suitable equipment and ensure the stump grinding or removal is completed efficiently.
  • If the tree stump needs to be removed, you must add suitable chemicals to the soil first to make it easier for the equipment to pull it out. If you are not an expert, you will not know how many chemicals you need to add and when to pull out the stump. Thus, it would help if you had their expertise to remove the stump without damaging the earth.
  • Once stump removal or grinding is completed, the experts can guide you regarding any curing of the earth for future plantation of trees.

Thus, for comprehensive stump removal or grinding and to ensure that the process is completed efficiently, it is best to hire the services of experts.

If you are thinking about having a dead or decaying tree removed from your backyard and the stump of the tree removed, you should contact us at Pippin Tree Service. We will provide you with comprehensive tree and stump removal services. As a homeowner, we understand that you will have several queries regarding the process and the best solution for your property. So, to get the best answers regarding stump removal and grinding, you only need to call us.

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