Arrange for stump grinding services in Clayton, Raleigh, NC & surrounding areas

Get Rid Of That Ugly Stump

Unfortunately, getting rid of a dangerous tree isn't the end of your problems. If you want to clear your yard of the leftover stump, Pippin Tree Service can help. We provide stump grinding services in the Clayton & Raleigh, NC area and will turn your stump into a pile of wood chips. Then, we'll clean up the mess to leave your yard as beautiful as we found it. Our heavy-duty stump grinder can handle any size stump, so you can rest assured that we can help you reclaim your yard.

Set up stump grinding services when you contact us at 919-602-2962.

Should you take care of your stump?

You might think you can leave your stump sticking out of your yard. But there are plenty of reasons to hire a professional stump grinder. Consider removing your stump because...

  • It's a tripping hazard and can injure your family or guests
  • Stumps can rot and decay, spreading disease to other plants in your yard
  • Dead stumps are a favorite nesting area for annoying and destructive bugs


You can help prevent potential problems down the road by removing your stump as soon as possible. Contact us today for a free estimate.