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Tree Trimming & Pruning

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Set up tree trimming services in Clayton, Raleigh, NC & surrounding areas

Don't Wait for Problem Branches to Fall on Your Home

It’s not as easy to enjoy your beautiful tree when its branches are growing directly over your power lines or house. If your tree is creating a dangerous situation, call on Pippin Tree Service for professional tree trimming services.

We can remove branches that are diseased, broken or overgrown to keep your property safe and your tree healthy. You can also hire us to prune large ornamental plants that ordinary landscapers can’t reach.

Schedule tree pruning services in the Clayton & Raleigh, NC area by contacting us today.

Why you should hire a pro to trim your tree

Maybe you’re thinking about trimming your tree yourself. Instead of dealing with the hassle, call Pippin Tree Service for the tree pruning services you need. We will…

  • Carefully remove branches to avoid accidentally damaging your property
  • Get rid of specific problem branches to keep your tree strong and healthy
  • Do the dangerous climbing for you so you don’t have to risk your safety

Take proper care of your tree by hiring us for professional tree trimming services today.

Pippin Tree Service Clayton Raleigh NC Local Tree Removal Company 0009